Part 1: The run vs bike leg at Ironman. How do they compare to solo efforts?
So the question was posed on episode 532 of the popular triathlon podcast IM talk and it went something like this… “The top marathon runner runs about 2hrs 4min/2hrs 5min for his marathon, whilst the Ironman equivalent (ie major event with top Ironman athletes) is Kona where the run... Read more
Garmin 735XT Review

Up until early June 2016 I was using the Garmin 910Xt. It’s a solid watch in many respects. Even with the subsequent release of its natural successor the Garmin 920XT, its a watch that some people will likely stick with for a while longer.

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2015 Dartington Duathlon
As I sit here there’s a sense of lethargy. Sitting still is tiring and walking up the stairs my legs moan; a chorus of hamstrings, quads and calves, singing out, beckoning me back to the sofa. I know it would probably be good to jump on the bike and... Read more