Bideford Half Marathon
So the 6th of March was an Epic sufferfest. At least that’s what Strava tells me after uploading my half marathon at Bideford. In reality, I felt I had suffered more at the Humdinger half a couple of weeks earlier, although this only rated 243 on the Strava suffer... Read more
Humdinger Half
A couple of weeks ago I decided to put together a plan for sorting out my TT bike postion. I sat ther bike for 30mins using the turbo trainer,  it was pretty uncomfortable. Part of this was not being used to the position, I do need to get a... Read more
2015 Dartington Duathlon
As I sit here there’s a sense of lethargy. Sitting still is tiring and walking up the stairs my legs moan; a chorus of hamstrings, quads and calves, singing out, beckoning me back to the sofa. I know it would probably be good to jump on the bike and... Read more
Bristol to Bath Marathon
Last weekend I ran the inaugural Bristol to Bath marathon. It was a bit of a mystery how this one way going to go. On the positive side, I’d had a decent race at Dartington the weekend before, and got a good block of warm weather training the previous... Read more
Dawlish Tri 2015
On Sunday morning my alarm went off earlier than I wanted it; I didn’t even have time to hit snooze. Registration at Dawlish Tri was open until 7.30am. At least there is no traffic on the roads at this time as most sensible people are still sleeping. There were... Read more