Part 2: The run vs bike leg at Olympic Distance. How do they compare to solo efforts?

So in part 1 post : run leg vs bike leg at Ironman I explored the difference between a flat-out time trial on the bike vs an Ironman bike using data from 100 mile TT records and Kona Bike times. I then looked at this alongside world record marathon runs vs Kona marathon runs. The final key comparison…

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Part 1: The run vs bike leg at Ironman. How do they compare to solo efforts?
So the question was posed on episode 532 of the popular triathlon podcast IM talk and it went something like this… “The top marathon runner runs about 2hrs 4min/2hrs 5min for his marathon, whilst the Ironman equivalent (ie major event with top Ironman athletes) is Kona where the run... Read more
Taunton Half Marathon
My first Taunton half marathon and a particularly convenient one; I could jog to the start line in 5 minutes. After a short recce of the hills on Saturday, with a friend Tim, we didn’t think they seemed too bad and the course should be reasonably quick. Forecast was... Read more
Cardiff Parkrun and the World Half Marathon Championships
This week I set off to Cardiff for the world half marathon championships. I’d opted not to run in the mass race, rather to spectate it and give Sarah and Mo Farah, among others, a bit of support. The half marathon was on Saturday afternoon, so I thought I’d... Read more
Innov8 Mudclaw 300
I’ve been holding off on writing my review for the Innov8 Mudclaw 300. I wanted to run a 20 mile off-road race called ‘the Grizzly’ to give them a final proper test. Whilst I’ve done plenty of training runs in them, sometimes you need a race to push the... Read more